It’s All about Restaurants

The Blues^

Hey guys are you as excited as us to know that it is Friday? Woot woot! That means it is time to do something big, and what better way to do something big then to eat out at a fine restaurant right? We know that your time is important and why not use it efficiently? The best way for you to efficiently make the most out of your time and money is to just go to a restaurant with a bunch of your friends. Are we right or are we right? Many people across the board do not understand how efficient restaurants can be and in turn do not use them like they should. Going to a restaurant is definitely vital because it is an atmosphere that is like no other. Many individuals say they love the finer things, but hardly spend their time and energy on actually living and obtaining this so called “finer life” you know exactly what you want out of life so act like it, do not make excuses on why you do not have a life that you want instead make sacrifices that will help you achieve this goal of fine dining. We want you guys to know that restaurants are key to being happy! We dedicate this next section to informing you about why this is so.

The Delicacy Blues

So, why do people think restaurants do not matter? Well for lack of better words many individuals are not going to understand that taste buds are one of the most important functions the human body possesses without them there would be no use for flavor. You are literally doing your mouth a disservice by not giving it the taste it deserves. You have to understand that food is a world rounded thing and depending on what you eat your brain reacts the same way. If you ate mystery loaf every day for a year, your brain would automatically calculate mystery loaf as the only thing it would ever get, and your body would absolutely hate you for forcing it to eat mystery loaf, now apply that same instance only replace that mystery loaf, with a variety of different fruits and flaming an, now your body would get excited and would naturally anticipate when is lunch time. This feeling is an all-around feel good type of vibe, and if you think feeling good is not important than you seriously got a problem. It is very rare for an individual to say they do not like the better tasting things in life and if that is what they are saying then they must of subjected themselves to downgraded portions of food because they are lying to themselves, if food that is bland is all they need. We understand if eating bland food until you can acquire that great tasting restaurant food that makes sense, but eating bland food for fun is just radical and unorthodox to say the very least.

            We hope this post has helped you make a better decision on eating!